Friday, August 31, 2007

La Hinojosa Day 2

We had to walk through a spectacular pine forest to get to the fuente.
There were so many sun flower fields..
Cold fresh natural water..
Some mariquitas in the fields.
Toni resting after a jog to another fuente.

Day 2 – 10th August Friday

We slept in late today and awoke to the sun shining in our room. Toni’s dad and aunt and uncle headed off to a village near by to do the shopping. This village is really small and so only really has one tiny shop and of course one pub. After breakfast at about 1pm, us youngengs wandered down the road to the one and only pub called ‘la hinajosa’ after the village. It is just a small room with chairs and tables and a bar. The only other people in there were a table of four elderly men playing cards. We ordered a drink and asked the bar tender for a pack of cards and sat at one table and Toni’s family taught me how to play a game. On the way to the bar Toni had stopped at the house of some of his family to say hello. Most of the houses in the village belong to family. We wandered home after our drink and our game, I got to see most of the village on our short stroll home. It is not big, with maybe only 40 houses in total, most of them unoccupied and in some state of decay. When we arrived home, lunch was being prepared and I helped to make a salad from some local produce, washing the lettuce in a bowl in the garden. Some cousins had made lunch of ‘corzo’ deer and hare, marinated in white wine for two days before being slow roasted with herbs and salt and pepper. It was delicious. After lunch we went for a walk through a pine forest on a mountain to find some natural spring fountains. They are called Fuentes. The walk was about 4 km, up and over hills covered in pines, down and through fields of blooming sunflowers, past barns full of sheep, until al last we arrived at the Fuente. It had just been modernised and now the water that usually came up out of the ground into a small pool, had a metal pipe and a basin made from marble, so you could easily drink the cold fresh water. Toni and I jogged part of the way back and stopped at another Fuente to see where his grandfather had planted some trees years ago, and where the family used to picnic. We saw a small deer bounding through the sunflower fields in the sunset.

Summer Holidays - Soria

Day 1 – 9th August Thursday

Today we arrived to the village. After hearing so much about the place where toni’s mother was from, I am so pleased to be here. We drove 6 hours straight from Barcelona and arrived in ‘el pueblo’ (the village) at 9pm. First stop, the house of Toni’s grandmother Sira, with who we had a funny conversation, almost yelling because she’s nearly deaf. The family had explained to her that I was from a country far far away and that I didn’t speak her language very well. But it was still confusing for the near 93 year old and she asked me a couple of times, if they spoke Spanish in Australia. After that we drove around the corner to Toni’s house. We were welcomed by his father, Antonio, always smiling and friendly, and showing me around ‘nuestro casa’ what he called our house. It’s a beautiful reformed villa, with many bedrooms and a lovely terrace area outside. We all piled around the table and ate a lovely dinner of vegetables and meat from the village. Great food. Now its dark, and there are millions of stars shining and the air outside has cooled right down, there is a gentle breeze blowing through the fields and I’m feeling refreshed and happy to be breathing nice country air.. I am expecting to be woken up by the crowing of roosters tomorrow…

Spring Flowers

I have so many pretty pictures of beautiful flowers and i want everyone to appreciate them as much as me.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Barcelona by night

I went up to the roof terrace the other night to check out the city lights, and i ended up taking these great pictures. I used the time exposure on my camera with my little tripod and after lots of trial and error, managed to get some good ones. They look really eery with the strange yellow lighting. I feel really inspired to go and take some more another night. I love taking photos.

Friday, August 3, 2007

B-ing around

Little B and a BIG beer
With two of tonis friends at Summercase
B at the beach
B trying to pack her jumbo suitcases
B and I at the festival summercase...
A Basque parade we randomly ran into near Las Ramblas.
Jejeje, a funny card we saw on the floor.
At the beach at Castell de fells, down south of Barcelona
Little B, getting ready to leave..

One of my favourite special friends came to visit me at the beginning of july. She had just been on a round the world trip and i was her last stop before heading back south side. In total, Bianca was here for a week, and we had such a great time. It is always so nice seeing friends again and realising what a special freindship you have, when you are able to just pick up where you left off. We hadnt seen each other in one year, but we were just as close as if we'd seen each other every day. It was really special. Toni met us for drinks and dinner lots and got to meet and get her to know a little bit so that was very nice for me.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

San Fermines

Silly Billies on the bridge in San Sebastian
Enjoying the city and lots of Tapas
Im not scared of bulls!
Lachie and Dan
A sea of red and white
eeek huge bulls
Sun and relaxing at the camp site

This is the bull running festival in Pamplona. Myself and Shereen (my flatmate) caught the overnight up to the Basque country to meet up with sally and Lach and check out some bull running. It was a pretty disgusting festival actually, with mounds of drunk people and trash lining the streets, but im glad i went and the best part was playing with my friend. We drove the little mini hire car to San Sebastian to relax on the beach and eat lots of tapas. Que guay.