Monday, March 31, 2008

Semana Santa en Berlin

Potsdammerplatz and the Sony Centre

Our awesome hotel room..
Flying over the Alps in France
Some of the still standing Berlin Wall
Shopping shopping shopping
Brunch and the best pancakes ever!
The outside of the Hotel.
Walking through the city

Parliment House

A little red 'Ampelmännchen a 'crossing light man''
A little green 'Ampelmännchen a 'crossing light man''
In the park
Snow! Magical snow!

We packed up and went to Berlin for Easter, which was great. I hadnt left the sunny shores of Spain for almost a year, so it was good fun to get on an airplane, even if i was a little hesitant about being allowed back in. We holed up in an awesome hotel right in Alexanderplatz for three nights. The weather was fun, snowing softly every day like little magical balls of lint falling through the mist. It was between 0-5 degrees but hardly noticable with all the fun we were having. On the Saturday we spent a good 9 hours strights shopping, all within the 500metre area of our hotel (note the photo of shopping bags).. and got some great things, the shops are far better in Berlin than Barcelona. We did all the touristy things and even had time for the museum of modern art, although the collection was pretty rubbish and at 8euros a head we were less than pleased.. oh well. The most memorable for me is still the Sony Centre at Potzdammerplatz designed by Norman Foster and the Jewish Memorial site with huge massive granite slabs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

De Colores

De colores
De colores se visten los campos
En la primavera
De colores
De colores son los pararitos
Que vienen de afuera
De colores
De colores es el arco iris
Que vemos lucir
Y por eso los grandes amores
De mucho colores
Me gustan a mi

Spring is almost here and im falling in love with colours! Lots of colours! I love how they look together, complementing each other and making me smile.....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My boys...

These boys are very special to me, and i miss them lots and lots and they know it! I finally have my ticket to fly to Australia in July, i am super excited just to hang out with these three ALL the time!
love you guys