Monday, November 24, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, Toni and i were invited to Viladrau. A quaint little village in the mountains where some friends have a beautiful big country house. We drove up on saturday and arrived in time for lunch. Its not far from Barcelona,less than 2 hours. The road up there is picturasque and any motorbike fanatics wet dream. The roads are lined with trees changing colours to oranges and yellows and ready to throw away all their leaves at any sign of a breeze. The last 20 minutes of the trip see the road sloping upward and before you know it, there in front of you you have a spectacular view of the Pyrenees already covered in snow! I love roadtrips. We arrived to the small mountain village of Viladrau and met our friends for lunch. The temperature outside was quite tepid with a slight wind rustling through the leaves, but inside the restaurant the fireplace was roaring and crackling away in the corner. Lunch was meat and soup and of superb small village quality. Simplicity is key. And taste is everything.