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Saturday, August 14, 2010

La Hinojosa - this year...

Old wooden tools in the bee keepeers shed..

Bee hives

Oh the smell of fresh rosemary..

Ahh the summer is here, and we finally have a chance to escape to my favourite little middle-of-nowhere village, La Hinojosa. There is something about fresh mountain air, walking in the pine forests, exploring the sunflower fields, hiking up mountains, eating fresh delicious food from the garden, having nothing to do...having nothing to do... that I love. Here are some of the best photos of this year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Little gecko I love your strategy - pretending to be part of the light fixture to catch moths.

Could be the best Paella we've ever eaten..notice the black squid ink.

July - Destination Mallorca our friend's wedding. It was my first time to this gorgeous island. After being to Menorca and Ibiza, I had thought that Mallorca would be nothing special. Boy, was I wrong. We stayed up in it's mountainous centre with views looking down through the rugged bushland to Palma, the centre. The days we spent on the beach were heaven, we were met with crystal clear water, caves and white white sand on every beach we ventured. My favourite place was the out of the way beach we discovered on the last day, after having to trek about 15 down a narrow rocky path only to arrive to the most spectacular cove you've ever seen! Divine.

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