Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Windows 1

Sparkly, Glitter, Red Silver and Green, Baubles, Tinsel, Fairy lights, Atmosphere, Buzz buzz, Shopping Spending Giving Recieving, Cold dark days, Wine and Toasty warm fires.

Blanco y Negro

World Press Photography Exhibition

Last weekend we went to the CCCB in Barcelona to see the exhibition of the World Press Photography. It is a collection of photos journalists works from the last year. They are separated into catagories and prizes are awarded for each. The photos were spectacular! The were beautifully framed and the lighting was amazing. Each photo demanded all of your attention. Over all it was rather depressing, looking at some shocking images of war, poverty and destruction. These were some of the best or most moving photos.

Beatburguer @ KGB

Toni played a couple of weeks ago in a club callled KGB. In the 70´s it used to be the place where people went to talk about Franco and Hitler and all kinds of bad political things that i dont understand. But these days its trying to get a better name for itself. Toni was in touch with the manager and they decided to organise a party there, with the website that Toni writes for. He got his gang together and made flyers and promo gear and we all went and helped set up and listened to some music. It was quite a good night. We were hoping for more people but i think about 200 turned up so it wasnt bad. Hopefully he will be able to play there again and get more and more people. It might even become a regular gig!

Thursday, November 1, 2007