Saturday, December 22, 2007

Festival de Vic - December 07

We had an extra long weekend here. Thursday was a holiday and so was saturday. So most people have a ´puente´a bridge and take the friday off work and get out of Barcelona. Toni had to work, and i had wanted to get out of BArcelona so on the friday, two girls from work and I caught the train to a village in the mountains called Vic. Its a tiny medievil town and the first weekend of December is always their Medievil festival. It took about 1/1/2 hours on the train and we arrived at 10.30am. It was 5 degrees and cloudy but as we walked through the little cobblestone streets we forgot how cold it was. The tiny streets were lined with market stalls and tents selling everthing from cheese and ´fuet´sausage typical of that area, to jewellry bags, clothes, christmas things etc. We picked up a little map and followed the winding streets to the cathedral. There were bands playing and people juggling and waving those huge flags to music. All the people working in the stalls were dressed in medievil robes with robe tied around the waist. After pushing through the crowds for an hour or so, we almost fell out of the √≥ld town´into the river. We decided we would follow the river along, where there were less people. The river didnt have much water, but was still beautiful with a stone wall and bridge along the side. The trees were orange and all the leaves were decorating the ground. We got to the bridge and realised there were more markets on the other side. So as we walked over, we saw a stand that had two men and an array of wild very large birds. One man was holding a very big African Owl. He had deep orange eyes and beautiful liight brown feathers with black flecks. As we got closer we saw more owls, a snow owl, and little one, and a huge vulture! They were all standing on their own little stands and were tied by the feet, with little chains. We walked around and took some photos of them, and then we saw that if we wanted to hold the big african owl, we could. For 5euros, you can hold it and get a photo taken, so we thought ´when else would you ever get the chance to hold an owl?´So we did!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Windows 1

Sparkly, Glitter, Red Silver and Green, Baubles, Tinsel, Fairy lights, Atmosphere, Buzz buzz, Shopping Spending Giving Recieving, Cold dark days, Wine and Toasty warm fires.

Blanco y Negro

World Press Photography Exhibition

Last weekend we went to the CCCB in Barcelona to see the exhibition of the World Press Photography. It is a collection of photos journalists works from the last year. They are separated into catagories and prizes are awarded for each. The photos were spectacular! The were beautifully framed and the lighting was amazing. Each photo demanded all of your attention. Over all it was rather depressing, looking at some shocking images of war, poverty and destruction. These were some of the best or most moving photos.

Beatburguer @ KGB

Toni played a couple of weeks ago in a club callled KGB. In the 70´s it used to be the place where people went to talk about Franco and Hitler and all kinds of bad political things that i dont understand. But these days its trying to get a better name for itself. Toni was in touch with the manager and they decided to organise a party there, with the website that Toni writes for. He got his gang together and made flyers and promo gear and we all went and helped set up and listened to some music. It was quite a good night. We were hoping for more people but i think about 200 turned up so it wasnt bad. Hopefully he will be able to play there again and get more and more people. It might even become a regular gig!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

This city..

Today we had lunch at a really nice restaurant near the beach. We hardly ever go to that part of Barcelona, as its normally full of tourists and pretty horrible. Today was a really crisp autumn day, the wind only made it colder. So we were all rugged up and went and had Paella and wine with a friends of Toni. But as i sat there looking at the beach, i realised just what a lovely city i live in. I felt like i was on holiday, but i wasn´t. It really got to me, just how lucky i am to live here. So i thought i´d upload some special photos of this beautiful city.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My family in Stencils

Favourite Pics

Clapham Comman on a foggy winter morning.
Chelsea bridge all lit up
The med

Hot summre days in Morocco

I havent been feeling very creative lately, or have i had time to take any great photos. I miss taking photos! I wish had a better camera to make pretty things with. These are some oldies but goodies. I love them all.