Sunday, October 21, 2007

This city..

Today we had lunch at a really nice restaurant near the beach. We hardly ever go to that part of Barcelona, as its normally full of tourists and pretty horrible. Today was a really crisp autumn day, the wind only made it colder. So we were all rugged up and went and had Paella and wine with a friends of Toni. But as i sat there looking at the beach, i realised just what a lovely city i live in. I felt like i was on holiday, but i wasn´t. It really got to me, just how lucky i am to live here. So i thought i´d upload some special photos of this beautiful city.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My family in Stencils

Favourite Pics

Clapham Comman on a foggy winter morning.
Chelsea bridge all lit up
The med

Hot summre days in Morocco

I havent been feeling very creative lately, or have i had time to take any great photos. I miss taking photos! I wish had a better camera to make pretty things with. These are some oldies but goodies. I love them all.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


The girls posing Ibiza style!
Dancing at DC10.
The gang, Lac, Sal, Me, Anna, Toni, and Willy.
The old town from the window.
Sal contemplating the island.
The view back to the beach at Las Salines.
Watching the sunset before flying back to Barcelona.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Ibiza for a weekend break, and to catch up with Sally and Lachie. They had flown in from London with Anna and Willy, and Toni and i joined them in a little b+b in the old town for 4 days of fun, beaching, clubbing and cuddles! We found some great little secluded beaches and a wonderful juice and toast cafe right next to where we were staying, perfect for those hungover mornings -(afternoons)-. The weather wasnt the best but we managed to get a couple of afternoons at the beach, and ate some great seafood! We had a great time dancing the nights away at Space and DC10.